Monday, September 5, 2011

Bishop's shag swag

was digging in my closet for something when i ran across an old uncannyX-MEN comic #311 to be exact.this issue featured my dude Bishop trying to recapture sabretooth who gets loose and runs a muck through out the mansion. i always got a kick out of bishops 1980's hair do,i mean that jheri curl shag gets me rolling everytime,for those of you who wasn't born yet,back in the early 80's if you didn't have a fly jheri curl like Prince or Micheal Jackson,you wasn't getting any play with the ladies, and if you were fortunate to have a shag to go with it,oh! you thought you were the ish!lol
so i imagine bishop hanging out at the mansion hitting on all the X-chicks cause that's just what playas

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qwik tags said...

Man I remember those things. My uncles had them and I remember my grandmother always complaining that they were messing up her pillow cases and the back of the couch. And now that you mention it, Bishop was a playa type...good post