Friday, December 31, 2010

this is it

well,well,well,this will probably be the last post of 2010.
this was a little challenge that i wanted to do,and that is to draw a complete digital painting from start to finish in my favorite program corel draw.
usually i sketch on paper then bring it into corel to paint,because i'm not very comfortable with drawing on a tablet,by doing more exercises like this,perhaps i'll gain better control.

anyways,diznee is a hip hop model that has my attention for the moment.(so many ladies and so little time).lol
i definitely gotta draw a more caricature style,full body pic of her in the

anyways Happy New Year people!!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

another snack

ha!ha!why are these horny looking dwarfs so eagerly waiting for snow white to finish her snack?it's the story of snow white that disney does want you to know
this was done for an art contests,but in my head scenes were playing out
right before me and i was even tempted to draw some pages too,but i think
that my( adult) version has already be done

Saturday, December 18, 2010


i've been in kind of a funk lately,so now i'm trying to get back on track.
while watching some documentary on egypt and other ancient world civilizations, i started doodling , and once i got into it,i realize that i was having fun, so i decided to throw some color on it.

hopefully this will get my juices flowing again and back to producing more art.