Friday, February 26, 2010


love the hulk and loved the reboot movie even better.
now i can't wait to see that hulk ,donald duck team up,
that's gone be the bomb yo!

BANG!!! who shot ya.

my take on the foul mouth merc
wade wilson ,aka deadpool.

shell head

tony stark is at it again.

not much to say about this pic
except that i really enjoy the movie and can't wait for
part two.

the hell with it.

a match made in...well you

i really loved the artwork that the late steven hughe did on the early
LadyDeath series back in the 90's.i've seen HellBoy team up with a
alot of comic characters over the years and thought this right here
would be the perfect match up.

harley and ronald.BUSTED!

yep harley was caught grinding all on ronald's mc

this is the clean version,the original idea was a little,well you

green lantern

i'm a big jla fan,and john stewart is one of my favorite characters.
so i just wanted to put my own spin on his little love triangle that he seems to have from time to time. lol

Friday, February 5, 2010

hip- hop dreams

this pic is loosely based off of me and my homies from high school,yep we formed a little rap group called the def

hey,it was the 90's every thing was dope,def or

it's jay!!!

this was my first real self-potrait,that i did about a year ago,so i thought it should also be my first post.