Monday, April 25, 2011

a soldier story

this has got to be one of my favored movies of all time.
A Soldier Story came out in the early 80's based on an award winning
play about the
investigation of a murdered black sergeant in the deep south during world war2
there were alot of good actors cast in this movie,Denzel Washington,
Howard E. Rollins Jr.,but the show clearly belonged to Adolph Caesar
and his role as Sergeant Waters.yeah he was mean and cruel but
the story that Sgt.Waters was tell'in about the damage that one
ignorant negro can cause,made me totally feel were he was trying to
come from and that scene stayed with me to this very day.

Sunday, April 17, 2011


ah,the infamous doll test.

in the 1940's an experiment using dolls were given to
"african-american" children to study there
attitudes about race. They found that black children often preferred to play with white dolls over black and that the children gave the color "white" attributes such as good and pretty, but "black" was qualified as bad and ugly.they recently did a similar test about a year ago and guess what?....the result were the same! i blame B.E.T.