Sunday, April 17, 2011


ah,the infamous doll test.

in the 1940's an experiment using dolls were given to
"african-american" children to study there
attitudes about race. They found that black children often preferred to play with white dolls over black and that the children gave the color "white" attributes such as good and pretty, but "black" was qualified as bad and ugly.they recently did a similar test about a year ago and guess what?....the result were the same! i blame B.E.T.

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Ralph Pollard said...

You know, I remember a time when BET actually used to be GOOD. When watching the programs on there didn't make you cringe, and when they actually made you think a bit. These days that channel and the people running it have got to be some of the biggest sellouts in the history of humans.

About the modern version of that test, unfortunately this is something I witness in some form or another everyday on the job. And it's not always just the kids either.